Erratic Sporadicism Tapes Harsh Electronics, Industrial and Noise


EST.013 WERTHAM "Sleaze" C20

Italian power electronics filth.

High quality chrome tapes packaged in a stenciled, heavy rubber envelope with 16 page b/w booklet.

Shipping starts on 31.12.2009.

Available for 8EUR

Live Aktion 26122009: Filthy Communion

Lepakkomies, Helsinki. 2200. 6EUR.

Will Over Matter, Sarven Varjo, Bizarre Uproar, Halthan.


EST.012 KERÄNEN "Green Car Crash" C30

The master of Finnish harsh noise returns with his debut release under the KERÄNEN moniker. Thirty minutes of finely crafted, heavily layered harsh noise. HAIL ANALOG!

High quality chrome tapes packaged in heavy duty card board box with four large inserts.

Available for 6EUR